logo for TEBO Design

Parra Design Group, Ltd.

The studio has worked with Parra Design Group, Ltd., architects & developers, since 2007. We redesigned their logo in 2014 and to celebrate their 20 year anniversary in 2018, modified it to mark the event. This was used on an announcement for the opening of their new office which they designed and built on Lyons Avenue. Other projects have included the design of marketing materials, billboards, and signage and websites for their townhome projects and Catama Builders, Ltd., their construction company.


We redesigned the logo for Parra Design Group, changing it to a stacked version rather than the previous single line. This made it more versatile, especially in web applications where space is a premium. In 2017 we created a modified version to commemorate Parra Design’s twenty years in business, adding a circular line of type around the logo that commemorates the 20th anniversary, 1998–2018.

photo of Camilo Parra

camilo parra

Camilo Parra was nominated for the American Institute of Architects’ 2009 Young Architects Award. He requested our assistance in the design of his submission. A book was created that focused on his strength in architectural design, practice, and community involvement. We suggested his poetry be incorporated as section breaks to illustrate another part of his personality. Copies were printed on an Epson printer, wiro bound, and placed in a box designed for submission. Camilo was one of eight recipients to win the award. View a web version of the book, CAMILO PARRA, in PDF format.

Logo for 5th Ward Homes

fifth ward homes

We designed the logo for 5th Ward Homes, their townhome project which is currently being built in Houston’s 5th Ward. The 5TH, also known as the Nickel, has a strong community identity that was drawn on for the design. The rooftops were inspired by local artist John Biggers’ paintings of row houses. View a PDF of the presentation.

The logo is used on their website and in marketing materials for the houses.

la ville st. emanuel

A second townhouse project, La Ville St. Emanuel, is located in Houston’s Third Ward. We designed a logo that was inspired by the street name on which it is located and the street signs of Paris. It is used in their marketing materials, website, and signage.

Catama Builders

Catama Builders is their architect-driven construction company that works with architects or individuals on building projects. We designed the logo, letterhead package, and redesigned the cards and letterhead when they relocated to their new building on Lyons Avenue in 2018.